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The Long, Long Letter

Image of Elizabeth Spurr's book, "The Long Long Letter".  

Written by Elizabeth Spurr,
Illustrated by David Catrow
Hyperion Books for Children
ISBN: 0-7868-2100-0 Hardcover
Ages 4-8 - 32 pages

Smithsonian's 1998 Christmas List of
Best Children's Books



Lonesome Hetta lives a crooked mile from her nearest neighbor, and even farther from her only sister. As she waits and rocks by her mailbox, her sister's long, long letter, complete with a thousand stamps, makes its way to her. But much as she misses her sister and yearns for her letter, Hetta never imagines the unexpected turn of events that this most special delivery will bring. For Elizabeth Spurr, The Long, Long Letter represents the letter (or book) we all plan to write "when we get around to it." The story was inspired by her admiration for her dear sister's abilities as a correspondent. Elizabeth's own prodigious writing talents have resulted in such popular children's books as Hyperion's The Gumdrop Tree, as well as Mrs. Minetta's Carpool, The Biggest Birthday Cake in the World, and Lupe and Me.

David Catrow's witty illustrations provide the perfect accompaniment to Elizabeth Spurr's charming tale of a colossal piece of correspondence that delivers much more than just news. David admits he is more of a telephone correspondent than letter writer. But when he puts pencil and paint to paper a vibrant and memorable gallery of strikingly original characters and scenes springs to life. David was awarded the 1992 New York Times Choice of Best Illustrated Children's Books for The Cataract of Lodore. He also illustrated She's Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head! for Hyperion Books for Children. He and his wife live with their children in 45504 (Springfield, Ohio).


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